Repairing building complex Phase II

The project "Kaunas Bernardine Monastery and St. George the Martyr church building complex arrangement and adaptation of public tourism needs Phase II "

Now begin with Kaunas Bernardine Monastery and St. George the Martyr church building project management work is a continuous work. This is a complex restoration and adaptation of public tourism needs of the project Phase II. The first was funded by the European Union structural funds. Work took place in 2009-2011. The essential accent of the project - the complex of public knowledge and opportunities for safe use.

Restored church windows

In the first stage of the maintenance work has been put in order the three southern facade of the church windows: to dismantle the XX century she was walled in, restored mounted glass.

The second stage provides for restoration of any remaining volume of the main church and the presbytery windows - a total 17 units.

All windows are now partially walled up, without glazing, leaky and insecure.

Restored doorways and Products

The first stage was the restoration of the two church door wood products and by-preserved door model, manufactured and installed in the main entrance door.

At this stage, as follows:

- Open doorway bricked up and restored wooden door product to the eastern corridor of the monastery.
- Restored XVI central portal opening constructed and installed new wood doors
- Open XVII century bricked up doorway in the western corridor of the monastery. Made and installed new doors. The project includes the doorways and plaster profiles for playback by up to present day northern facade survived the same period of the door opening plaster moldings.

Repaired the church gables

The second phase of the work processing pediments planes scheduled for conservation work - suspend further plastered and painted surfaces decline and stabilize plaster and painted surfaces.

Presbytery flooring installation

Presbytery floor coverings and floor installation project was developed in 1995. According to him the object was to carry out certain works: bricked retaining walls, installed g/b plates. However, the repayment of the Bernardine church and it started to celebrate the Mass, there was a new demand. It is therefore prepared a new presbytery flooring project.

It provides:

- Preserved presbytery area located crypts.
- On brick columns mounted with a metal overlay monolithic g / b filler and heat insulation layer
- Construction of metal beams to the central altar covered with glass panels and exhibit at the bottom of crypts
- The new floor in the Arc de Triomphe and after it installed underfloor heating.
- The Arc de Triomphe, the presbytery sides injectable mounted convector
- Installation of lighting the presbytery
- Newly installed floor covering use of burnt gray and black stone plates. Their size and the color chosen by the existing terrazzo tile size and color.

The monastery building third floor window management

The first phase of the work has been fully landscaped monastery third floor east building. Meanwhile, in the southern and western enclosures only strengthening structures and roof repairs. Preparation of the Phase II work program decided to complete the monastery external sealing work - sort out all the remaining third-floor windows. This will not only improve the appearance of the building and ensure the safety of visitors, but also reduce building heating costs.

Former sacristy window management

The monastery facade restoration concept was chosen in 1986. Launched in 1995, when the monastery building was returned to the brothers Bernardine. The concept consists of:

- Maximally preserve reveal authentic XV century to XVIII century building fragments and the overall integrity of this period, the first found in the building - the second floor.
- Restoration of the beginning of XX century by Felikso Vizbaro project built third floor third floor neo-baroque facades.

Architect Asta Prikockienė


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